Sunday, November 9, 2008

The Template

I love this and watch it everyday. I am looking forward to going to the Maui '08 workshops/sacred ceremonies in December.

(The song in the background is 'Avodah' by Mark Deutsch)

THE Template is a holonomic model of transcendence; a journey of remembrance, forgiveness, resurrection and ultimately transcendence of the dualistic mortal paradigm.

From the smallest particle to the spiraling Galaxies The subatomic to the multi-universal A matrix of electromagnetic circuitry connects and energizes manifest creation in one unified body of harmonic resonance Our blood contains the same divine essence and molecular alchemy as the rivers that run to the sea Our bones made of the same elemental components as the ancient stone monuments that silently witness the passing of ages We are continually exchanging a data flow of source intelligence with the body of earth and every form of life within her embrace Every nuance of celestial diffusion within our solar system influences our individual and collective field of consciousness as circuits of electromagnetic exchange bind us together as one living ocean of psycho sensory co-created space-time coordinates within the unified field We are the amalgamation of various visible and invisible energy systems that together generates the human hologram The primary system that supplies this unit with the energetic nature of creative intelligence that burst the field is the circulatory system At this time the system to a significant degree non functioning The fact that out of three billion base pair chemicals in the human gene code only sixty are active and that we only use one-fifth of our brain capacity are manifest signs that point to human genetic modification To truly estimate the present condition of this planet and its race whether to evaluate the integrity of its governing systems its proclivity to conflict disease and ultimately its mortal program it is essential to factor into our calculations the genetic manipulation of the human DNA for it this together with our deviant orbit of the sun and the presence of a massive body of magnetic disturbance within earths biosphere field that is creating a fear based mutant paradigm Like all else in the universe of electromagnetic information systems the soul covenant embedded in the human matrix is build upon the vibratory infrastructure of energy pathways that follow geometric patterns Form is the shape of consciousness Conscious communion with sacred geometry is an intrinsic component in the reactivation of the divine immortal blueprint and the realization of a true space-time continuum Sacred geometry is a con figurative language of elemental components of the divine creative force that gives birth to all life It offers a direct conduit to prime consciousness to source bypassing the dogmatic perimeter of the intellect to transmit knowledge that exists beyond the reach of religion, philosophy, belief, or disbelief The primary infrastructure of all existence is light All is light all is geometry As we commune with sacred geometric forms we interact with their fields of informational influence Their energetic radiance emits a frequency that communes with the vibratory infrastructure of our original blueprint in search of a like light frequency in which to resonate Through this resonate feedback the structural integrity of the original human template present in the soul covenant is reinforced Through the disconnection of circulatory and the modification of human DNA humanity's connection to the heart of the cosmos is compromised Humanity is orphaned disoriented lost in a deviant temporal zone searching blindly for a point of spiritual reference in order to know itself and evolve adopting pre-ordained dogmatic belief systems that profess to define the origins of their existence In the mists of many in differentiating spins on our history and our true identity as humans we can trust the living truth of nature and the nameless energetic intelligence that defines the belovent heart of creation There is one truth - your truth buried in your dormant DNA A confluence of cosmic influences rendered in this corner of the galaxy a super futile solar system capable of conceiving innumerable exquisite life forms Each one a fractal aspect of a holonomic field of symbiotic evolution Each point of light within the field coded to function as a sensory organ for the development of the intergeral field Were we in electromagnetic resonance with this field we would have by now evolved into a highly advance race on a blossoming planet enjoying a path of evolution measured by our ability to translate light and to give and receive love in all that we do To function as conduits of source consciousness The present concept of progress is measured in terms of lethal technology There is a conspicuous escalation of depravity in the systems that govern our lives material field is showing signs of acute decay corruption is evident in degeneration of ecological, social, political, and economic structures The trend is towards terminal decline These are all symptoms of a far deeper malignancy The systemic failure is the core problem the corruption is in the matrix To reestablish the integrity of the true matrix is to reactivate the divine immortal human blueprint built upon the laws of resonate harmonics creating synergy with the vibratory infrastructure of our dormant DNA The template is a transcendent model that offers the un interpreted, uncensored, energetic truth of creation delivered by the simple reconnection of electromagnetic energy that truth may open to you within you This upgrade of energy revitalizes the endocrine system and renders us able to see translate and utilize the geometries of light that we may ready ourselves for the luminous day to density offered by the 2012 portal of opportunity that we may collectively stabilize a new model of existence A paradigm resonate with the integrity of light Worldbridger Book

Humanity is a genetic experiment,
an immortal race trapped in a mortal paradigm,
a solar race locked in a lunar reality,
a stolen race on a stolen planet.

WORLDBRIDGER addresses universal Human concerns
as they are identified in the true story of two people
whose visionary odyssey begins with their shock awakening
to guns and handcuffs one Hawaiian dawn.
Their lives and former identities are dismantled and transformed
as they collaborate with a Consciousness that assists them
to recognize the true nature of the temporal zone
to which they have returned from the future.

As they break free of Humanity’s collective denial, it becomes clear that the wars, genocide and atrocities that have become a part of Human existence are not culturally, economically or politically engendered, nor can they be attributed to the charge of the innate corruption of Human nature, but are the result of the catastrophic intrusion of a predatory and brutal species with an agenda of world dominance; a species that has spliced its genes into the Human blueprint, and is engaged in a breeding program that is rendering Earth’s Human beings not-so-Human.

We are not alienated from God…’god’ is an alien.

The corruption lies in the mutant matrix, in the systemic failure of all Earth’s governing functions and the loss of evolutionary symbiosis that occurred when this parasitic species electromagnetically disconnected
Humanity and its Mother planet from the divine immortal continuum,
setting Earth on a course of terminal decline.

There was no ‘fall’…we were pushed.

As the progressive revelations unfold, so too does a holonomic template for the restoration of the full Human blueprint and a new model of existence; a template to recover Humanity’s resonance with the geometries of light, returning us and our planet to the holistic space-time continuum.

Are we the ones we have been waiting for?

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