Wednesday, January 21, 2009

So this is how liberty thunderous applause

One nightmare of 8 years into another because it is in with the new boss, the same as the old boss. The puppet is just going to follow the same agenda placed before him, just in way better packaging. Well, the new boss is a good speaker and has so much charisma, nothing like the bumbling drunk idiot that was the old boss.
Yes, it makes it easier to sell the "unpopular decisions" promised by Joe Biden himself who, by the way, wrote a book titled "How I Learned to Love the New World Order"

The team doesn't change, just the quarterback.

There are 47,000 more troops and police than ALL of Afghanistan right now in the capital, all to protect the emperor, the front man, the handled corporate shrill, the pitchman, the distraction and diversion, the puppet, the military-industrial complex owned and ruled by the foreign offshore banks, groups, the dual citizens (such as Rahm Emmanuel, the son of Benjamin Emmanuel, member of Irgun, an Israeli terrorist organization) the global elite, and societies who are looting and raping the country to the tune of 8.5 trillion and a trillion more every month, laughing while the mindless mass worship, "their" chosen one. Oh, I'm sure their will be assassination attempts in the future and an absolutely zero chance today with the police state in full force, but he won't be killed unless, he doesn't follow "the great plan" to the tee. I doubt there is zero chance of that happening, so don't worry you who are filled with a wave optimism, you smiling brainwashed rallier, nothing is going to happen to your Savior.  Plus, there is always some blackmail that could be dug up thrown though the main stream propaganda.
Maybe people will see the the mass amount of "protection" and say "Hmm, this looks like a police state."

The Emperor King, the "Chosen One", Oh, Almighty "Savior" we must be One! Obama will save us, if I follow whatever he says, all will be well, we will all be saved! Obbaaamaaa. "I love Obama!" cries the mindless masses.

Never in modern history has seen such an example in the world, of a government, of the media manipulated people.. the elites getting steadfastly behind someone selling the masses like this. Such mass gathering of support that shams any of Hitler, Caesar, or any other figurehead's mass propaganda gathering could imagine. The posters, the terms, the flavor of it is all so hiplarian, filled neuro-linguistic programing, and saturated with occult mind control/propaganda. I am appalled by the mindless staunch cult-like worship for a figurehead. A build up of demi-god who can manipulate the sheeple masses into loving their slavery, and attacking anyone ferociously, minWave of Optimis: The Smiling brainwahed rallies for "Savior"dlessly, who dissents. This is classical demi-god preparation to get the public hyped up into a frenzy. Normally, the puppet presidents are being torn down by the mass media, playing off a two party false paradigm, implying that they actually run something as a distraction from the real - No power is behind the thrown... yet all are in unison of unquestioning praise. Every media outlet blasting repetitive worship propaganda. The buck stops here blame game as the president is always the scapegoat for unpopular ongoing esoteric agendas. Unified worship to try to sucker the institutionalized people so that in the "first hundred days" we move in the New World Order agendas at an accelerated rate, a hyper quickening, during a "honeymoon season" like never before seen. The Obama Kool-Aid IV is hooked in deep so the honeymoon period could last a lot longer.
There is a "method to the madness" going on in the world. "You've got to be kidding?" No, I'm not but, regardless, it is being done, whether you live in denial or not. Agendas? What is change? Gun control agenda, carbon taxes, putting troops on the streets, domestic stazi-style spy brigades, forced national compulsory service, universal civil military service, expansion of paramilitary, new wars and rumors of wars, new super large bureaucracies that cause more problems than they solve (such as your beloved Universal Health Care), bloated budgets, corporate looting and takeovers, new mult-billion dollar ponzi and pyramid schemes, and a super private "federal" reserve owning and running of the final fall into tyranny. I feel like Winston Smith while the masses cry "Oh, we love you Obaaaa ma so much" in some delusional euphoric state, all the while, everything around them is shutting down. Like Huxley in A Brave New World, prophetically stating a future where people love their slavery. The Obama team filled with CFR members (CFR's ultimate goal is a one world totalitarian government), globalist, and dual-Israeli citizens, wants another super private bank to have unlimited spending claiming "transparency" though there is none to "seize" or "acquire" "Bad" or "toxic"assets to "ease" the crisis (which is been engineered and the "solutions" are more of the same "problems" thus escalation of the problems) Once again, more, more, more,  until you are enslaved by this. Giving more power and control to the powers and controllers. The more government control the less freedoms. Soon America financially implodes and all jobs belong to the State. This has happened time and time again thought history. Agitate banks create worker brigades - this is history folks. Seizure of land and YOUR "debt" "asset" though "resource plans", its called National Socialism. You may have heard of this - AND IT IS STILL VERY BAD! It's like paying the person who robs you while crying out thank you for "saving" me from my "toxic" assets.
Obama will try to make "community" service and government "cool" again. The yuppies will really taking to this. (Take for instance the Starbuck's campaign of "Are you in?" which appeals to the ego-driven bandwagon yuppies greatly. This also begins to take on occultic meanings when you know the logo for Starbucks is Isis. Also look at the new Pespi logo which closely resembles the Obama logo)  The "cool community service" soon slippery slopes into a "Civilian National Security Forces." Before you know it you have a Hitler Youth Brigades. The "obligation" to serve may backfire it it is not eased in though propaganda of "its a do-gooder thing." At each point the people will not want to believe what is going on, so they sell out their rationality to the illusion oasis. Then the Obamation zombies will fight FOR the very things that will destroy this country. Serving voluntary is cool, being the slave is "not cool" Obama psyoping with a smile you to "sell" the new serfdom designed by the global elite. You have been sold a bill of goods that turns you into serfdom to a global elite who see you a useful tool. Are you ready for the "change?"

NEWSWEEK's The "New" Global Elite cover filled with  Illunanti, Occultic, and Kabbalistic Symbolism

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