Sunday, April 11, 2010

No One Would Riot For Less

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 They moved someone in next door. He is having a party. Every friday and saturday he has a party. I don't like parties. 

Today was nice. I woke up with people washing their cars, people mowing there lawns, going about their daily business. It was a nice day so I figured I would get out. I took a long drive to the North Shore of the island. I went up and watched the planes at Dillingham airfield. I picked up brochures for Hand Gliding, Parasailing, Biplane and Glider Rides. My best-friend lj user="soverign_"/  is coming up here at the end of May. I planing on doing some of the activities available there. It will be so good to take some time out and just relax. To hang out with a life-long friend. 

In two days I will re-enlist in the Air Force. Another four years. I really don't want to and I could write pages on why. I written in this journal how much trouble I've had with this decision. I've changed my mind several times, decided to, decided not to, struggle with separation, and re-enlistment ect. I have trouble supporting two "overseas contingency operations" based on lies. A co-worker and buddy of mine just got out. Before he left, he told of how he saw radiated children (from depleted uranium weapons) used in Iraq. How children as young as eight were given guns and used as human shields. He talked of how their shot up faces will haunt him and he just can do it anymore. Tonight I listened to Peter Dale Scott talk of the huge drug trade of opium in Afghanistan. It really is the 'Land of Oz'. Fields of Poppies. I remember just recently seeing a news report from my hometown Columbus, Indiana, where a young marine was shot up by contractors high on opium. It reminds me of the Pat Tilman story. This 'Pat Tilman-like story'  happens more than the American public could handle. If they knew how much is covered up, how much is misinfomation, disinformation, covered-up, or not covered..if they know about what is perpetuated by this government, Kyrgyzstan and Tailand-like events would be happening everyday.  I've also seen the video that was on wiki-leaks. That crap happens all the time as well.
I tell myself by re-enlisting, I can do my part to stopping events like that. 

Speaking of Kyrgyzstan, I have a friend at Manas. He is telling me first hand info about what is happening there. I plan on writing about it. I'll probably write a news blitz on recent events. 

Tomorrow, I plan on working out my speech after I take the oath of enlistment. I think my main points will be on fidelity to the constitution and this quote- 

"I hate war as only a solider who has lived it can, only as one who has seen its brutality, its futility, its stupidity.
- Dwight D. Eisenhower 

I purchased veggie burgers, hamburgers, hot dogs, and kosher hot dogs for a "burger burn" on the beach after the enlistment ceremony. 

Yesterday I spent most of the afternoon writing my statement for OSI (Office of Special Investigation). It has been close to six months since Butta's suicide. I find it good that they are winding down. Hopefully, this means that the investigation can be closed and information be made public via Freedom of Information Act. 

Speaking of suicide, my ever present disgust for the media..well I can't watch more than five minutes without complete repulsion. There really is nothing "programmed" on there without some sort of agenda. Apparently, some young girl commits suicide from teasing and it is all over the so-called'news'. Why don't they do a story on ANY of the over 600+ military suicides? Oh, wait, that would bring up issues of consciousness in war. Of soldiers who see what is happening and they can't take it anymore. So why the focus of this one girl? I guess because of the hate crimes bill and cybersecurity bill.  It seems all draconian measures are put in place under the guise of 'for the children' or a pretty face nowadays. 
Fascism: You really think it would be this obvious

I think I will write (like I have many a times) on the propaganda-machine formally known as the tv. They don't call it programming for nothing. 

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Pagan.Pixie said...

That's true about the media not covering the military suicides. People are trying to get it out but the guys upstairs would rather keep it all under wraps.