Thursday, July 22, 2010

I Question Consensus Reality

When we look back into history, we always wonder why people did what they did? I think when history looks back at our time...our future generations will be extremely perplexed. They will wonder.. how could they (and possibly 'we') be so dumb?. Why did we do what we did? How could we, in such a 'information age', so unabashedly be willfully ignorant? Will they ask, How could 'they' not see it? How could they not see how governments, corporations, and special interests had such a strangle-hold on their lives?

"None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free."
- Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Did they pursue ignorance as a coping mechanism? Were they really willfully ignorant?

'Idiocracy' celebritized?
(I always wonder why that is rewarded..emulated)

It will probably be debated and argued that the mental dullness could be attributed to the everyday poisons they willfully enjoyed either consciously or unconsciously, with or without their consent (or even manufactured consent). Or the archaic systems of education, repetitions of memorization for examinations are designed to test one-sided (pun intended) left brain activity and encourage conformity in thought. (And those who are right brain labeled 'mentally ill' or inept.) Which in turn, led to specialized and compartmentalized so-called experts. Who even with a notice of looking at the "bigger pictures" were assaulted with mockeries 'conspiracy'. That there was a prevalence of an unquestioned belief in their everyday norms and social structures. Everyday everything. A mass manufactured egotism of 'we know all their is to know' so what do we need to know?

But such was the generations of the past.

There has always been a cyclic evolution and de-evolution of the human sojourn...

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