Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Rome literally burned while the 'Plebs' watched the gladiatorial games

Give the people Bread and Circuses. Bread and Circuses'..The trope name (Latin: Panem et Circenses) comes from Roman poet Juvenal's metaphor for people being willing to give up civic responsibility for a reasonably stable status quo (the 'circus' in question being an arena for spectator sports like races). When the people are well-fed and having fun, they are not likely to protest against those in charge, leaving them theoretically free to do as they please..
So that is why there is such a culture of this - It is okay to drink beer, get half naked, paint yourself and scream at overpaid steroid head cry-baby entertainers, all the while psudo-fulfilling your suppressed hunter and self-identity desires.

Dare to do the same, say rally against injustice, the madness of the governments, or something else that really matters - and you are deemed estranged from 'so-called' society.

Alex rant that really hit it on the nail -

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