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Galactic History according to Stewart Swerdlow

Galactic History
by Stewart Swerdlow

This is the history of our Galaxy, particularly of this solar system. Due to the deliberate manipulation of our perception of reality by a select few, perpetrated by a precisely controlled flow of information and ancient mind control techniques, many of us have lost touch with our higher awareness and the associated abilities. This message serves as a reminder, designed to encourage the knowledge stored in our DNA and our genetic and cellular memory to resurface to our conscious awareness. We suggest that you put your beliefs aside for the duration of this presentation, and keep an open mind. Upon completion, you can use your rational abilities and instincts to adapt or discard whatever segments of information fit or contradict your current world view.

In this physical universe, there are an estimated 10 billion galaxies. The galaxy we live in; the Milky Way, is estimated to have 100 billion stars. If less than 1/10 of 1% of all of those stars have any type of intelligent life, that's still millions of civilizations. So let's put aside the notion that the human race is alone in this universe.

Over a billion years ago, there was a civilization at the very center of this galaxy in a star system called Lyrae. We consider Lyrae, to be the original home of all human life in this galaxy. The Lyraens were borderline physical/non-physical beings, they could phase-in and out of physical reality at will. As angelic energy descends into physical reality, it enters a borderline state referred to as 'ET Level'. In contrast to an alien, who is a physical being residing on a different planet within this physical universe, an ET, short for Extra-terrestrial; is a borderline physical or non-physical being who comes from another dimensional space-time.

A couple of million years ago, the Lyraens were visited by refugees from an alternate universe. This small number of physical beings, having successfully escaped the totalitarian system of their home dimension; eventually perished as a result of the physical strain on their bodies of suddenly switching dimensional frequency. The Lyraens had never before seen hard dense bodies like those of their visitors. Their curiosity with the sensations and habits of this physical state caused them to be enamored of it and increasingly stayed in this physical reality, and over eons of time the Lyraens degenerated into more dense bodies themselves. In the Old Testament this is referred to as 'the fall from grace'. They finally found themselves entrapped exclusively within the physical plane; where they manifested as tall blonde-haired and blue-eyed people with a subgroup of red-headed green-eyed people, who were considered to be their liaisons to spirituality, comparable almost to a religious community within a culture.

There existed beings we call the 'Transparent or Clear People', not much is known about them. They are not of a physical nature. Similar to the original Lyraens, they were also of the angelic frequency, but at a much higher energetic state. In physical reality, they manifested with a see-thru and gelatinous appearance in a humanoid form; their membranes flowing through their bodies like webs of capillaries. The clear people are linearly from our future, billions of years ahead, and they have returned into the past with a special agenda, on a mission to create a race not natural to this particular universe. We have come to call the beings they created Reptilians or Draconians; after the Draco star system in which they originated. These Reptilians are Lower Astral beings, more or less physical but with an ability to co-exist in the Astral Planes. There are rumors that the clear people created the Reptilians by imprinting Lyraen genetics with their own mind-pattern. The original elite group of the Reptilian race is said to be light-skinned and blue-eyed. The Draconians feel it is their obligation to fan out into creation and assimilate and control everything else. They view themselves as superior to all other existence and therefore understand it as their duty to be the righteous controllers of their environment, claiming other civilizations as slaves and resources for their own civilization. Reptilians regard themselves a perfected and superior race because of two main reasons; their physically androgynous, meaning male and female in the same body. Outside of physicality there is no gender; just energy, so they feel that based on their androgynous nature they embody this higher level in physical reality. Secondly, Reptilian DNA does not change over time, mammalian DNA constantly adapts to environment, thus proving itself to be inferior, imperfect, and in need of constant change. So this logic of their mind-patterns dictates an obligation to conquer, control, and absorb what they consider to be inferior species.

Approximately 500,000 years ago, when the Lyraens had already become fully physical beings, the Reptilians attacked their star system and completely destroyed it. The Lyraen civilization was severely decimated. The survivors managed to scatter to many parts of this galaxy, colonizing such star systems as Rigel, Procyon, Antares, The Pleiades, Tau Ceti, Arcturus, etc.

At this point; the Milky Way's population was roughly 70% Humanoid, 25% Reptilian, and the remaining 5% a mixture of other types. At that time; our solar system did not have the same configuration as it does now. The first planet orbiting the sun, as it is today, was Mercury. The second planet was the Earth; Mars the third. The next planet was one that no longer exists called Maldek, then came Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune and Uranus. Pluto was not yet in our solar system. The Lyraens colonized Mars and Maldek since both of these planets had breathable atmospheres as well as oceans, some are comparable to our planet Earth today; which at that time was a water planet with a liquid atmosphere inhospitable to human life.

There also existed a genetically independent species in the Sirius star system, which is a binary star system consisting of twin stars; Sirius A and B. The beings from Sirius A are the most technologically advanced civilization in this galaxy and they trade technology with various other races. Playing both ends against the middle, they supply the Draconian Empire with technology to develop comet and asteroid weapon devices, at the same time they help build the monuments and defense mechanisms for the Lyraen colonists on Mars.

The Draconians sent several asteroid projectiles and a giant Ice comet into our solar system in order to remove and destroy these Lyraen colonies on Mars and Maldek. The planet Maldek was destroyed; blown up into thousands of pieces, which now constitute the vast Asteroid Belt between Mars and Jupiter. The ice comet continued close enough to Mars to pull its atmosphere away; due to its gravitational pull, leaving only a very thin atmosphere. Also, the oceans were ripped off the planet towards the ice comet. The comet continued so close to the Earth as to create an elliptical orbit almost infinity-shaped, where the two objects; planet and comet, twirled around each other, resulting in the Earth flipping over on its axis and losing most of its liquid atmosphere. The interaction of these two bodies spinning around one another polarized the oceans, and further spinning froze them, creating the polar ice caps and allowing land masses to appear. The ice comet then switched places with the earth, pushing it out further into space towards Mars, and then took up the second position around the sun. We now call it the planet Venus. It was so close to the sun the ice melted, turning into vapor and shrouding the entire planet in clouds, which is what Venus is known for today. Its surface remains hidden beneath a permanent layer of mist and clouds, the result of the ice melting. Also, the planet Uranus had been effected by the trajectory of the passing ice comet. The gravitational pull of the comet caused Uranus to start rotating in a north to south motion, rather than the natural east to west spin which all planets in space have.

Before Maldek's destruction, some of the Lyraen colonists had been able to escape to Mars; joining their allies who had been forced to retreat into a vast underground cave system, since the now thin atmosphere had made life on the surface impossible. During this process of planetary repositioning, the Earth had become colonizable, due to a now breathable atmosphere and land masses above water, and so the Draconians; on their mission to assimilate this solar system to their empire, drove yet another comet-like object through space, a vehicle transporting Reptilian colonists to planet Earth. This comet vehicle is still parked in Earth's orbit, we call it our Moon. Note that all natural objects in space are spinning on their axis, but our Moon stays in a fixed orbit around the Earth without rotating, indicating its artificial nature.

At around 400,000 B.C., the Reptilians colonized the largest land mass at that time; the continent Lemuria, which covered roughly the area of today's Pacific Ocean, from the Japanese Islands to the western coastline of California, also including the Australian continent, which is the largest remnant of Lemuria still above water to this day. Most of the North American continent was below water, with the exception of two smaller islands, one covering the area of Arizona, Nevada, and New Mexico, another one; which today is a part of Colorado and some other higher regions of the Rocky Mountain Range.

These Draconian settlers were the only humanoid species on the planet at the time, and their androgynous Reptilian civilization flourished in Lemuria's tropical climate. They vastly extended the natural cave system in the Earth's crust and came to live more and more underground, the surface; being mostly used for ceremonial ritual and temple structures. The typical Reptilian ritualistic lifestyle and caste system took on a unique character here on Earth. The Lemurians distanced themselves culturally from their Draconian masters somewhat, while they were still retaining the typical mindset of assimilation and control over their environment. Science, especially in the fields of biological and chemical research; blossomed, and Lemurian groups were creating various slave people in Asia, Australia, New Zealand, as well as the ancient Indian civilization. This ancestry can be seen in many East Asian cultures and religions to this day; in their use of Reptilian symbolism, especially the dragon. The Hindu caste system is a direct replica of the hierarchy of the Reptilian Empire, which houses seven subspecies. As a side note, in the early 1980s on the surface of Venus, seven domed formations had been discovered by Soviet probes. These domes had made it possible for the Reptilians to inhabit the hostile environment of Venus for the duration of their intergalactic travel to this solar system. Seven individual domes were necessary since each of the original seven Reptilian species needed their own separate habitat, they do not mix.

Back in the Pleiades, there were Lyraen renegades called the Atlons; who were very unpopular among the other Lyraen groups. They were working on their own agenda, namely the dawn of a new Lyraen Empire under their own leadership. Operating independently from their Lyraen kin and solely out for their own interests, not participating in the efforts to defend other Lyraen colonies; the Atlons had made themselves undesirable and expendable in the eyes of the Lyraen Empire, and so the Lyraen councils decided to send the Atlons to Earth to test out the waters with the Reptilians there; in an attempt to spearhead a Lyraen base on this strategically important planet. The Atlons complied with the orders of the council and around 300,000 years ago colonized another continent on Earth covering roughly the area of today's Atlantic Ocean; a continent which was to be known as Atlantis. A long series of wars and gigantic battles between Lemuria and Atlantis ensued. This is documented by the ancient East-Indian Vedas, which are over 100,000 years old.

Both civilizations had come to realize that they were destroying each other. The Lemurians were out their alone without potential backup from the Draconian Empire; which was not scheduled to assimilate this part of the galaxy for a long time to come. Neither could the Atlons expect any help from the Lyraens; due to their unpopularity amongst them. So, a mediation was held and a race called 'the Krell' from the Andromeda Galaxy was consulted to act as a neutral third party during this process. The Lemurian Reptilians and the Atlons agreed to create a prototype of a new mankind; a genetic combination of both races as a symbolic right to assure a peaceful co-habitation of planet Earth. This is what the Old Testament refers to in Genesis where it is written; "Let us make man in our image". Note that all ancient Hebrew references to God are plural, such as Elohim, which translates to 'they who descended from the sky'… and Adonai, which means 'masters or lords'.

The Krell also brought the dolphins, an extra-terrestrial life form who co-exist in physical and non-physical planes; from their home galaxy in Andromeda to Earth, to function as observers and monitors of the co-creation of this new Earth-human. The androgynous Lemurian civilization would agree to this mediation attempt only under one condition, the genetic baseline of the prototype was to be reptilian, and mammalian genetics would be added to that, not the other way around. The story of how Eve was created from the rib of Adam is an allegory for the separation of the androgynous Reptilian body into a male and female component. All humans on this planet have reptilian DNA base. When observing the development of a fetus in a womb, this given genetic sequence can be witnessed. The human features develop only after the embryo resembles a reptilian form.

During the initial stages of genetic experimentations, many different prototypes such as Neanderthal or Cro-Magnon had been developed; only to be abandoned and eliminated. Despite ongoing genetic experiments, the creation of what we have come to call Homo-Sapien Sapien, did not solve the conflicts between the Atlons and Lemurians. It is also rumored that both races secretly attempted to introduce dominant genetics into the experiment to retain more control of the new race; resulting in a human being who is eternally conflicted inside with two different mind-patterns struggling for the upper hand.

So despite mediation attempts; the conflicts continued, more battles ensued, and around 100,000 B.C. a gigantic war between the Atlons and Reptilians climaxed. The Atlons used their electromagnetic pulse equipment; powered by artificially manufactured giant crystals, to break up the normal structure of the Earth's magnetic field, creating a rift to literally crumble the Earth's crust at the center of Lemuria, causing the utter destruction and then sinking of most of the continent. The remnants of Lemuria still above water today are Japan, the Philippines, the Hawaiian Islands, the South Pacific Islands, Indonesia, Taiwan, Australia and New Zealand, as well as the coast of California - west of the San Andreas fault line. In fact the Redwood Forest which only grows in a limited area is a remnant of the forest of Lemuria.

The Lemurian survivors retreated completely into the vast cave systems. Some are rumored to even inhabit the inner surface of the Earth, which touches on a subject that requires explanation. The Earth is not a solid piece of rock but hollow; just like Mars, the Moon, and many other planets. A planet, which is created when a star ejects lava-like material, then forms into a globe as it spins and cools in space. Due to centrifugal force, the inside matter starts pushing outwards, then the outer and inner surface layers harden and cool down trapping molten rock in-between them. Initially a lot of the gases such as hydrogen, nitrogen, and methane are ejected through either end of the globe creating openings in the poles. Our Earth has a 1,300 mile-wide opening at the North Pole and a 950 mile-wide opening at the South Pole; the South Pole having been frozen closed for about 12,000 years. As the new planet cools down further, gigantic volcanoes erupt at the 19th parallel to expel lava and molten rock when the inner and outer layers press against each other and the planets spinning motion.

All planets and moons in this star system have high volcanic activity at the 19th parallel. The largest volcano in the solar system is the Mons volcano at the 19th parallel of Mars. On Earth's 19th parallel we have the Kilauea and the Popocatepetl, and on Jupiter's 19th parallel the gigantic red spot; a huge electromagnetic vortex. The Sirians built monuments on Mars' Cydonia plateau to demonstrate knowledge of this phenomenon. The series of pentagrams and pyramids there are arranged in asymmetry according to this natural law.

So the Reptilian survivors retreated into the underground of the Earth, into their tunnel network that spreads all over the central portion of the ground and into the inner Earth. This underground cave system still exists today; it's inhabited and can be accessed from many mountainous areas on the planet.

Now the Atlanteans were alone on the Earth's surface. Their brutal and disharmonious lifestyle reached a new height over the course of the following 300,000 years. Extensive genetic experimentations continued. DNA of various races and animals; including the dolphins, were combined to create various slave races. They engaged in time travel and inter-dimensional projects, one of their goals being the recreation of the ancient society of Lyrae. More gigantic crystals were manufactured and buried in the ground to change weather, to control geomagnetic flows, to alter timelines and dimensional borders. All their aggressive experimentation and abuse of knowledge eventually resulted in huge volcanic eruptions and massive earthquakes. Around 50,000 B.C., Atlantis was fractured into five separate islands. 20,000 years later another calamity caused even more land to break off and sink. Then finally in 10,500 B.C., the rest of Atlantis essentially destroyed itself, with a few exceptions like Bermuda, the Canary Islands, and the Azores. This was the result of the collapse of the upper crust or mantle of the Earth combined with catastrophic volcanic eruptions.

Survivors of Atlantis spread out to father new independent civilizations such as the Celtic people, the Phoenicians and ancient Egyptians, Native American tribes of the East Coast like the Cherokee and the Iroquois, as well as some South American Indians such as the Inca.

At about 5,000 to 6,000 B.C. the Lyraens still living on Mars; decided to colonize a stretch of land that would be called Sumeria or Sumer, which is the origin of the Caucasian race. To this day Caucasian people tend to have a 26-hour biorhythm due to their Martian heritage. This can be demonstrated in a deprivation tank without any outside stimulus. Non-Caucasian people are closer to a 24-hour resonance, more associated with the Earth.

Now things get increasingly complicated, as various other Lyraen civilizations from all parts of the galaxy start to genetically manipulate the various civilizations on the Earth. The Tau Ceti influenced the Slavs, Arcturians the Etruscans, Lyraens from Aldeberon the Germanic and Nordic Tribes. Also, another Reptilian group; the Anunnaki, set up base in Africa after the destruction of Atlantis where they created the black race.

The Reptilians who had been living secluded in the underground for over 300,000 years, now took steps to reclaim control of Earth. They started a new hybridization project by interbreeding and mixing with the Sumerians, creating an elite society that was to control and manipulate the planet on their behalf; utilizing a religious control system centered around the Reptilian-like deities Nimrod and Semiramis, the Cult of the Three-Horned God, and ritualistic human sacrifices. This elite hybrid race developed into the Babylonian civilization and then spread out into Central Asia's Caucasus Mountains, where they became known as the Khazars; the forefathers of the Caucasian race.

These Caucasian hybrids had a very high level of copper in their blood. When copper-based blood oxidizes it has a bluish green color. That's where the term "Blue Blood" comes from, still used to describe royalty and the elite of society. The hybrid human/reptilian Khazars fanned over Central Asia into the Middle East and Europe, and Northern India, interbreeding and mingling with the humans there. Different cultures such as the Magdalene lineage, the Hebrews, the Roman Empire and Catholicism were all first assimilated, then corrupted and reconfigured to be used as mass control devices.

Eventually the elite, who are still in power today; developed into what is referred to as the Illuminati. This group of 13 families directly descends from the Khazars and therefore the Reptilian Sumerian hybrids. Via ancient mind control techniques taking the shape of media disinformation, as well as technology like ELF and microwaves, they control this planet up to this day. The information we are presenting has been suppressed by those who maintain a hold on our civilization. They are able to continue their reign by keeping knowledge of the true natural laws, and our true history and abilities from the great majority of our people. We feel compelled to distribute this knowledge since we view it as pertinent to the way we experience life. In fact, we believe it to heighten the chance for a balanced and holistic existence of a human lifespan. What we have described is not meant to scare you, but rather to return responsibility to you and therefore to help release you from your victimization mentality. At the end of the day, we all need to accept full responsibility for the reality in which we find ourselves, since we ourselves are co-creators with the power of our thoughts


hendrik said...

Well Stewart, this does put things in perspective. To me it makes the most sense yet, of the many various data gathered in a lifetime of krypto-historical study.
Thanks to you and to The Salafi!

Anonymous said...

Thank you. I am in awe of your words even as they resonate through me. I have always known this to some degree... like a dream. It is a blessing to read your words of study and truth and I know more people will begin to find this blog. 2012 is destined to bring us to resolution on all our problems as it brings in the energys of Light. Your study and hard work bring the truth out into the Light as the Time of Troubles ends. I feel honored and lucky to have found your work at a time when i as urgently in need of "more". I sign off in Gratitude and Light to you Stewart Swerdlow. You are a pure intelligence in this life, a blessing of truthful knowledge so many seek.

Anonymous said...

I thank The Salafi for this wonderful study of truth and Light! Im not sure who you are or what you are all about YET, but I will find out. My heart sings Garitude and Light to you and yours.